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Episode 409 : Shannan E. Johnson - Script Consultant

Episode 409 : Shannan E. Johnson - Script Consultant

September 4, 2020

SHANNAN E. JOHNSON is the ultimate accountability partner. After grad school she became a junior creative executive at NBCUniversal at the Syfy Channel. I was there for the rebrand. Remember Sci Fi? Yeah, not really. Anywho, it was her job to help writers and producers take their ideas from pitch to production. She co-exec'd on Alphas, Being Human, Haven, Sanctuary, Warehouse 13, and more Syfy dramediesThis is how she honed my skill in all stages of the screenwriting process. She started her own script consulting company, The Professional Pen. Her clients include emerging screenwriters to established actors, directors, showrunners and producers. She's judged screenplay competitions and sat on festival panels, consulted on a plethora of scripts, and garnered several editing credits. 

Our Host for this Episode is Brittany White a modern-day visionary. Using a unique brand of faith, funny and down to earth realness, Brittany aspires to show women that you can have it all without sacrificing your faith, family or career.


On This Episode We Cover: 

  1. Your career path defines versatility…you’ve worked in education, tv/film and as an actress/singer/dancer. How did you decide it was time for a career switch and were you ever fearful of taking the leap from one career path to another?
  2. What exactly is a script consultant and what type of services do you offer to writers?
  3. Why is it important as a writer to invest in these types of services?

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Episode 408 : Myah Lipscomb - Cinematographer + Director + Editor  + Writer

Episode 408 : Myah Lipscomb - Cinematographer + Director + Editor + Writer

July 14, 2020

Myah Naomi Lipscomb was born in Washington, D.C. and grew up in Adelphi, Maryland as the only child of Sylvester and Chandra Lipscomb. She was taught at the early age of three to be an individual and it eventually became apart of her identity to whole-heartedly and unapologetically be herself.  After graduating from Eleanor Roosevelt high school in Greenbelt, Maryland, she moved to Nashville, Tennessee to attend Tennessee State University.  She graduated Magna Cum Laude with her Bachelor of Science degree in Animal Science/ Pre-Veterinary Medicine.  After working as a veterinary assistant for a year and half, she realized that her passion lied elsewhere and that life was too short not to fulfill her dreams. She has always had a strong creative side that she’s expressed through dance, writing, acting, videography, and editing. In December of 2014, she took a leap of faith toward her passion and decided to pursue a career in television and film. She attended Lipscomb University and graduated with her Master of Fine Arts (M.F.A.) degree in Film & Creative Media in December 2017.

Myah’s passion for television and film comes from the desire to create content that positively represents people of color, especially women of color, in a respectable manner. She is the creator of an award winning scripted television comedy series, #WeirdMYAH, and is currently in the process of getting it picked up by a television network or streaming platform. She currently works as a freelance director, cinematographer, and editor for individuals, artists, musicians, events, businesses, and local television stations.


Podcast Guest Host: Brittany White is a modern-day visionary. Using a unique brand of faith, funny and down to earth realness, Brittany aspires to show women that you can have it all without sacrificing your faith, family or career.

Nicknamed “Every girl’s best friend”, Brittany’s humor and realness has allowed her to connect to women all over the country through an active and engaging social media presence. She understands that social media can be used as a source to bring women together and uses it to inspire and encourage women around the world. 

The vision of Brittany J. White Inc. is to spread the love of Christ through both her media company “Pretty Funny Ent.” and her non-profit organization “The Leah Project Inc.”


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Episode 407: K. Elle Jones - Filmmaker & Media Savvy Expert

Episode 407: K. Elle Jones - Filmmaker & Media Savvy Expert

July 3, 2020

K. Elle Jones is an Amazon Bestselling author, award-winning entrepreneur, Personal Brand Consultant, filmmaker, and media-savvy expert, with more than 25+ years experience in media, entertainment, branding, marketing & advertising, working with top brands including Victoria’s Secret, Bath + Body Works, and Cigna Healthcare.

Her brand positioning, presence (on-and-offline), and messaging has helped her land lucrative brand partnership deals, and garnered her both local and national media attention, including CBS, The Tamron Hall Show, VoyageLA, LA Talk Radio, and more.

She’s currently in production on her live Docuseries, “The Beauty Behind The Brand Live,” a 12-episode, original television series produced by, ELLEvate NOW Creative Media, her production company, and LMK Entertainment.

Elle consults with entrepreneurs, business owners, female founders and community leaders on how to build a powerful, legacy-driven personal brand, share their message with more people, and elevate their credibility, impact and profitability, leveraging the power of storytelling, video, brand marketing + distribution.


On This Episode We Cover: 

  • Navigating the middle of the journey 
  • Losing a job and pivoting careers 
  • Branding & PR with Creatives - What that looks like
  • Next Steps when you don't know what to do

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Episode 406 : Lamide Akintobi - Broadcast Journalist, TV Presenter/Producer, & Documentary maker

Episode 406 : Lamide Akintobi - Broadcast Journalist, TV Presenter/Producer, & Documentary maker

June 23, 2020

Lamide Akintobi is an award winning journalist and television personality with several years of experience in front of and behind the camera. She has a B.A in Broadcast Journalism and Spanish from Texas A&M University – Commerce, and an M.A in International Journalism from City University, London, where she was a British Council Chevening Scholar.

She has worked as a news anchor, producer and reporter at Channels TV and TVC News and as a Presenter/Producer with Ebonylife TV, which broadcasts across Africa and in the UK. She also worked with Red Media as a host on the show "Church Culture" and has worked as a freelance producer for CNN International since 2018. Lamide has also served as a producer/coordinator on independent documentaries and as a project/content acquisition manager.

She has moderated panels at the Nigerian Entertainment Conference, Ake Festival, Union Bank Annual Education Conference, & She Leads Africa Festival, among many others. In addition, she is an event host, working with clients such as Union Bank and Google Nigeria, a content consultant, and documentary maker.


On This Episode: 

Finding your Footing as a Storyteller

Networking & Connections 

Producing out of Necessity 

Freelance Production 

Your Responsibility as a Storyteller 

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Episode 405: Charlotte Betts - Pint Size Faith Media

Episode 405: Charlotte Betts - Pint Size Faith Media

June 9, 2020

Charlotte Betts Lomé Togo, raised in Canada’s capital , Ottawa and currently call a quiet suburb outside of Chicago home.

If there is only one thing you need to know about her, it is this — She's a storyteller through and through. and passionate about helping  people and businesses make an impact through digital storytelling.

Her creative (writing) journey began in 1990 thanks to a book by La Comptesse de Ségur entitled “ Après la pluie le beau temps” she fell in love with Ségur’s ability to transport me to France through words and vowed one day to do the same.

Today, that vow has helped her serve individuals by bridging the gap between their stories and their audience, through the use of effective and impactful storytelling. 

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Episode Bonus : Bri Smith - Creative Coin Chat

Episode Bonus : Bri Smith - Creative Coin Chat

May 28, 2020

During our Creative Chat we tackle the topic of the Broke Creative and how Creatives can change their mindset to be in position to build as well as create. The Creative Outsiders host monthly Chat with out Community about issues that creatives go through. 

On the Call this Week we invited Bri Smith who helps businesses and individuals implement the best use financial strategies for their finances.

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Show Notes: 

What does doing the work look like financially as a creative? 

Do you Value Align with where you are headed? 

Where did we get our money mindset from? 

What is the starving artist? 




Episode 404: Special Edition with Shivawn - Home Alone

Episode 404: Special Edition with Shivawn - Home Alone

May 21, 2020

This Episode is a Special Edition with Just Shivawn Mitchell chatting with you about the perspective of being a Christian Creative and what that looks like. Tune in as she breaks down how she see's her faith in the movie Home Alone 2. 


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At just 8 years old I took my first step at writing, submitting a personal essay into a contest at my Elementary School. This was major considering I was the girl who hardly spoke in class. But, I pushed past my fears and laid my words on the line.

To my surprise I won.

After winning the contest I tucked my award into my scrapbook and didn’t formally write for another 20 years. I kept writing but my words were hidden in my journal. I grew up believing that I could be a teacher, doctor or even a lawyer. I didn’t see creativity as a career especially for Christians unless you were creating a church play on Easter.

My perspective stayed limited and I didn’t believe there was space for me as a creative until I had a mini meltdown at my 9 to 5 which sent me on a journey of obtaining my MFA in Screenwriting.

Episode 403 : Marlena Banks - Author of Big Idea Food

Episode 403 : Marlena Banks - Author of Big Idea Food

May 6, 2020

On today's episode we hang out during our Creative Community Chat where we discuss navigating during Covid-19 we had the pleasure of having Marlena Banks who I like to think of the mindset queen.  

She's also known as a Christian Startup Coach | Author of Big Idea Food: A Weekly Devotional for Entrepreneurs, Side Hustlers & Dreamers. Big Idea Food™ started in 2018 as a paperback devotional for entrepreneurs that serves up dope biblical nuggets to energize your hustle. Since then it’s grown into a lifestyle brand for dope Christian entrepreneurs that features a private online community, a YouTube channel, a weekly devotional email & inspirational social media content. Together, all these resources work to feed your spirit with God’s word in a voice you can relate to so that you are empowered to execute all the world-changing ideas God has given you.


On This Episode we Discuss 

  • How do you deal with fear? What does that look like practically. 
  • Why are we not doing what we're supposed to do? 
  • What mindset work do we need to do to get rid of our excuses and produce?
  • Wanting to collaborate but I’m full of comparison how do I handle that space

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Episode 402: Mercedes Brazier-Thurman // Screenwriter

Episode 402: Mercedes Brazier-Thurman // Screenwriter

April 27, 2020

Mercedes Brazier-Thurman is a screenwriter and content creator. Her writing explores the comedic curiosity and complex vulnerability within our relationships.

She is currently a staff writer for the streaming site, Black and Sexy TV. She was a co-writer for Black and Sexy TV’s Hello Cupid: Season 3 Reboot.

She is the creator of the quirky comedic web series, All My Friends Are Married.  Season 1 is distributed by The Black TV & Film Collective. In addition, she is the co-creator of MomStorie, a millennial blog that encourages creativity in parenting.

An alumna of Tisch School of the Arts for Film and Dramatic Writing, she has a MA in Educational Theatre from NYU Steinhart’s School of Education. Mercedes has taught screenwriting to NYC teens, women of color and Indigenous Americans and. She is currently a script writing professor at The City University of New York.


Show Notes: 

Getting started in Screenwriting. 
Common pitfalls with those who are new to screenwriting?
Tips for the established screenwriter? 
How should you get feedback as a screenwriter?
Crowdfunding as a Screenwriter.
Navigating the middle as a Screenwriter. 

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Episode 401: Shivawn Mitchell & The Creative Community

Episode 401: Shivawn Mitchell & The Creative Community

April 20, 2020

Shivawn Mitchell is the founder of The Creative Outsiders where we connect the dots for storytellers and show them it's possible to create in various spaces in media. Once a week The Creative Outsiders has been sitting down to provide a safe space for creatives to express their thoughts and concerns while COVID-19 is happening. 

On This Episode we Cover: 

Does community really work? 

What do you need in community? 

Does Community need to be give and take? 

How to deal with comparison as a Creative?


Creatives Present. 

Fann Sanders A Philadelphia PA native, she started in the arts as a child and has explored various creative lanes from being talent to technical staff. A graduate of The Community College of Philadelphia, Fann earned her degree in digital video production. Fann not only has a passion but a flare for providing exceptional production support through strategic planning, logistics organization, and personable liaising across the aisles of talent and tech. Credited as writer, director, producer and lead actor, Fann completed her first short film in 2018.

Anita Ham Ms. Ham is a Licensed Master Social Worker and a Registered Respiratory Therapist. Currently, she serves as a field instructor for Bachelor and Master’s level social work students at local universities. She mentors youth at Six Points Innovation Center and other local community organizations. Ms. Ham is also the Founder of RibFit and will be coming out with several creative projects in 2020.

Brittany J. White is the founder of a nonprofit, The Leah Project and mentor to young girls. She's  a writer specializing in comedy. YouTube holds all of her skits. 

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