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Episode 404: Special Edition with Shivawn - Home Alone

May 21, 2020

This Episode is a Special Edition with Just Shivawn Mitchell chatting with you about the perspective of being a Christian Creative and what that looks like. Tune in as she breaks down how she see's her faith in the movie Home Alone 2. 


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At just 8 years old I took my first step at writing, submitting a personal essay into a contest at my Elementary School. This was major considering I was the girl who hardly spoke in class. But, I pushed past my fears and laid my words on the line.

To my surprise I won.

After winning the contest I tucked my award into my scrapbook and didn’t formally write for another 20 years. I kept writing but my words were hidden in my journal. I grew up believing that I could be a teacher, doctor or even a lawyer. I didn’t see creativity as a career especially for Christians unless you were creating a church play on Easter.

My perspective stayed limited and I didn’t believe there was space for me as a creative until I had a mini meltdown at my 9 to 5 which sent me on a journey of obtaining my MFA in Screenwriting.

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